Women Stretching

Find your anchor

This class brings a strong focus into meditation and asanas whilst at the same time activating mindfulness and pranayama. Bella will guide you through the class with variations of poses according to your level to stay connected with your breath, body and mind, whilst introducing subtle adjustments.

Dancer in Studio

Move freely

This class brings more fluidity your practice where the focus is how you gently move from asana to asana mindfully whilst being guided by your breath at ease. Bella will guide you through the poses for few breaths in between and facilitate a very nourishing and flowing practice. It is advised to work on stability first prior to practicing flow so you have a good anchor from your feet to allow you to flow more freely.

Yoga Asana

Less in more

Within a focus to relax  deep connective tissues, ligament, joints and bones of the body, this practice is slow and static where poses are held for a period of 5-7 minutes depending on the pose. Within the aim to find your edge in stillness, Bella will guide you through the practice in order to feel more receptive in the mind, find release, inner connection and trust whilst creating space for deeper openess on your physical and subtle body.


Looking inside

Guided meditation classes where Bella will hold a safe space for students to tap in to an inner awareness on a self discovery journey within their minds in order to find more ease in to stillness, tranquility with a more calm and relaxed mind. 

Pregnant mixed race woman meditating on

Heart & Baby

Bella welcomes all mamma bears to a lovely nourishing and fluid practice in order to support mothers pre and post pregnancy. Click here for more info or reach out to Bella for private pregnancy classes and check out how she can guide you on such deep and powerful journey.


Just Let Go

A deep and super powerful practice. Bella welcomes all people and those who have a very stressful and busy life to come to the mat and fully surrender to your present moment where supported poses are held for a longer period of time, and no efforts is required, with loads of props to find a full letting go sensation within your self. Let's fully let it go..!