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Postnatal Yoga Classes with Moms & Baby 

Age: Newborn to just walking 

This is a fun class for either Mum, Dad or carer and their baby suitable for newborns, crawlers and babies who haven’t started walking yet.  Mum can come along, with baby, any time from 6 weeks after the baby’s birth if they had a vaginal labour or 8 weeks after a cesarian birth.

Dad, carer and baby are welcome whenever they are ready to join. This class is a mix of spending quality bonding time with your baby through songs and yoga postures. After a brief intro at the beginning – we create a class based around any particular issues – targeting areas such as pelvic floor strengthening for mums and lots of twists for the tummy. Relaxing shoulders, necks, and lower backs and wrists for both mum and dad. Bella is even brave enough to attempt some parent and baby relaxation at the end which sometimes can work beautifully and everyone gets to enjoy 15 minutes of quiet time, other times it can be complete bedlam, but we have a lot of fun and laughter in the process.  

Bella has completed her Pregnancy Yoga Training in her Continuing Professional Development for Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Certified by Yogacampus led by Uma Dinsmore-tuli and Lisa White.