18:00 5 Weeks Course x Online Prenatal Yoga with Bella

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Time & Location

27 Apr 2020, 18:00 IST – 25 May 2020, 19:00 IST
Online Class - 60 mins

60 minute online pre-natal yoga classes welcoming mothers from 12 weeks to Term.

Suitable for complete beginners to practicing yogis. 


Prenatal classes will be primarily focused on mothers in feeling supported and nourished to help with their birth preparations with attention focused on the pelvic floor whilst facilitating supporting exercises for better mobility, flexibility, breathing and overall wellbeing throughout the pregnancy. 

Together with breathing (pranayama) and adapted yoga poses (asanas) will be taught in sequences in order to ease mum-to-be during pregnancy and in labour.

Poses and sequences will be taught not only to relieve some of the pregnancy discomforts such as sciatica, heartburn, pelvic girdle pain but to also help generating stability and fluidity whilst at the same time encouraging a gentle opening of the pelvis with postures for birthing the baby.


What do bring to your class: 2 bolsters ( this can be cushions or pillows), 2 blankets ( sofa throws or some thick scarfs), 2 yoga blocks ( books piled up to the same height) and water. 

Set your vibe to make your practice even more special, light up a candle or incense or have some essential oils on a diffuser if you have one. Have your favourite playlist and Bella will also share some of her owns to you. Dim the lights and create your sacred space to practice and feel connected in your inner home space. 

IMPORTANT: Before participating in class you MUST have signed the prenatal student registration form. This is available when you purchase the course or drop in.  (You only need to complete once.)

Course Dates - all classes Monday @6pm

Mon 27 April

Mon 4 May

Mon 11 May

Mon 18 May

Mon 25 May


The prenatal yoga classes are  a much softer and gentler practice built to support all the changes in your physical, emotional and energetic body that are taking place in order to prepare the new born to life as well as safely accommodating baby in to the practice. These aspects are the ones that will mostly feel the shift during pregnancy and so think of this place of a nesting home to support you throughout this process whilst not only you will stay connected with your body, mind, breath and baby, but you will also be part of this nesting environment and  will be meeting other mothers in the circle of transition to motherhood which can be a very supportive and community space that goes beyond the physical practice. 

The simple breathing exercises (pranayama) are extremely beneficial techniques which will help mothers relax both baby and mind during pregnancy and labour from first contraction. 

Bella's aim  is to support mothers in building a lovely bond and connection between mom and baby with soothing and nourishing meditations, chants and mantras, Bella will guide the end of all classes with Yoga Nidra as a deep relaxation that will help mums-to-be really let go and enjoy the changes in their bodies as they evolve and enjoy a good bit of rest.

  • 5 Weeks Course - Prenatal Yoga